Gilmore Lewis offers a comprehensive approach to creating a better sales organization. We provide results based strategy and solutions for sales organizations that need help adapting to an ever-changing marketplace.
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3rd Party Sales Data or POS


For companies using POS for revenue recognition and to pay commissions this process can be a major bottle neck and take an inordinate amount of your time and resources. We know because we have been there and had to deal with multi tier POS data from both distributors and resellers.

Getting the data from business partners is only the start of what can be a complex process of grooming and cleaning their data before you even begin to try to report on it.

We can help you improve this process and do it more cost effectively and efficiently.

Sales Territory Realignment

Have your sales territories outgrown their initial design? We also help clients remap their sales territories based on market data and company sales data.

Business Intelligence & Analysis

Many companies we encounter do not have the level of sales and management reports the really need to run their business effectively. There are a host of reasons or excuses for this. They include:
  • No dedicated or trained employee who can generate detailed reports
  • CRM system either not set up correctly or not being used correctly to generate data to report on
  • Inconsistent data entry by company or 3rd party business partners
  • Incomplete or no data from business partners
  • ERP system is antiquated or not being used effectively to serve the needs of Sales & Marketing

The list goes on but you get the picture. What it comes down to is the will of management to Get It Done. We can help you cut through the excuses and generate results.

Contact Us today to learn how we can help you improve your business intelligence.

Benefits of Business Intelligence:
  • More Effective Decision Making
  • Better use of Management's time
  • Awareness of Sales Activities
  • Early Warning Indicators
  • Trend Analysis
  • Quicker Response to Market Changes
 Areas We Can Help You Address:
  • Sales Reports
  • Management Dashboards
  • Reporting Tools
  • Sales Territory Optimization
  • Sales Analysis
  • Data Collection

Sales Strategy Design & Implementation

We help clients design and most importantly IMPLEMENT their sales strategy. In the case of business intelligence and analysis we ensure this component of sales operations is aligned with and supports the sales strategy.