Gilmore Lewis offers a comprehensive approach to creating a better sales organization. We provide results based strategy and solutions for sales organizations that need help adapting to an ever-changing marketplace.
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Sales Automation Solutions

pictureWe can help you select appropriate processes, procedures and CRM technology to help your sales people do their jobs more effectively. Our experience, approach and track record of automating sales business processes can give you an edge on your competition.

There are many tools that can help increase the effectiveness of your sales people, though not everything on the market may be appropriate for your application. Select CRM and SFA technology that is driven by company business processes and not the other way around.

Here are a few areas of customer relationship management and sales force automation we can help you address:
  • Accessing Customer Data
  • CRM Solution Selection
  • Developing Pipeline Reporting and True Sales Forecasting
  • Introducing Web Conferencing & Demonstrations into Sales Territories
  • Gathering and Analyzing Customer Data
  • Implementing Sales Force Automation Tools
  • Incorporating Customer Service Records
  • Marketing Segmentation Applied to Customer Data
  • Storing Customer Data
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Gilmore Lewis helps clients get the absolute most out of the CRM and SFA technology they use - now and in the future. We know how to implement business strategy aligned with CRM and SFA technology. We prepare the customer facing roles in your company for the proper use of CRM and SFA software in the customer lifecycle. We help managers and executives become "information leaders", preparing them to manage people through information and develop decision-making power from prospect and customer data.

There is a lot of business technology in place today that is miss-used, under- used or a complete failure. Nowhere is this more evident that CRM. Why is this? Mainly because technology vendors sell their wares as the solution itself, not as what it really is- a means to an end. Buy my CRM software and you will have more customers, productivity, revenue, etc.

Sales Strategy Design & Implementation

We help clients design and most importantly IMPLEMENT their sales strategy. In the case of CRM and sales automation solutions we ensure this component of sales operations is aligned with the sales strategy.


Big CRM and Big Technology need our help too!

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The Right CRM for Your Business

Most sales and customer service people don't get a say in the technology they use, even though they are the ones talking to customers every day. ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SFA, Contact Management, websites, all of these are virtually useless to the organization that is not prepared to use them or that doesn't know how they benefit the relationships with our customers. By using CRM and other technology that was implemented without considering the business model and processes you could be compromising the sales model and ultimately your bottom line.